segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2007

Complete Champion outra vez...

A Wizards publicou uma entrevista com um dos responsáveis pelo Complete Champion. Pelo o que ele diz, espere as combinações estranhissimas de classes dentro de igrejas.

"All of the above. I'm really excited by the prestige classes and how they're presented. The groups the prestige classes are tied to are really compelling and well designed. I wish I could say I'd been part of writing that chapter! Many of the prestige classes are accessible by non-divine characters. In a couple of cases, we also tied more than one prestige class to the same organization (which in turn is tied to one or more churches). So the fist of the forest, forest reeve, and holt warden are all members of one organization, the Guardians of the Green, but they're all vastly different. We thought it would be cool if more than one member of an adventuring party could be members in an organization, but pursue its goals in vastly different ways.

My favorite group is probably Pelor's Shadow Guard, and the shadowspy and shadowstriker prestige classes tied to it. The idea of the god of the sun having, basically, a secret service really makes me happy. This group just really does things to the interaction between the churches of Pelor and Heironeous that makes them more real for me. This group is going in my next campaign."

Complete Wild, Complete Wild...

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